Serendipity – how it can change your life

Serendipity means a "fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise" (source). Or, as Glauco Ortolano puts it: Serendipity is the faculty of finding things we didn't know we were looking for. Pek van Andel call it 'the art of making an unsought finding'. Life is full of chance encounters, unforeseen surprises and serendipitous information. We often just don't recognize them as such. But life likes to drop little miracles in our lap. Someone recommends you apply for that job that you just did not [...]

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The signs of the Universe

You may have read my Smart Woman's Guide to the Universe which tells you all about the GPS system that lets you navigate through life. But like in real traffic, a GPS is only as smart as the latest software update and roadmap. Of course there is no shop where you can get this latest feature installed in your brain... And there is no need to. Because the Universe provides you with these updates. They are called 'signs'. The trick is to catch them... Sometimes they are subtle. Sometimes they are s [...]

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How John Malkovich can make you more creative

As you know, I like to shape serendipity. Therefore, some time ago, I went to see the "Giacomo Variations" where John Malkovich plays Casanova. So here are the observations and discoveries that John Malkovich and the show offered me: John Malkovich can hold a pretty tune. Who knew! Assumptions are often proven wrong! What assumptions are you having that you want to try to prove wrong this week? Casanova should have been a hippy. He was definitely born in the wrong century, what with all those bu [...]

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Serendipity in Portugal

I was in Portugal this past week, spending time with my friend Laura from Texas. Every time I meet her, we spend hours just talking. So it doesn't actually matter where we go. One year we spent a whole week at my place just relaxing, painting and catching up. But here we were in Lisbon and Porto where there is stuff to see and things to do. We met up at our Airbnb, and after the hugs and a first catchup we realized that we had no plan and not even a book to guide us around the city. Right... We [...]

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