10 more insightful ways to find happiness and live a purposeful life (part 6)

HOW TO USE THIS LIST: Below are the last 10 insightful ways to be happy - you now have a list of 60 insights on how you can be happy and live a purposeful life. Watch one video or read one article or two each day. If you are too busy to do this every day you are probably not happy (enough)! Save them as bookmarks to read later or look them up on my blog. Enjoy. 51. The Happiness Project. Go to The Happiness Project for 10 happiness paradoxes. 52. 15 ways to a happier you. 53. 16 happiness system [...]

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10 insightful ways to find happiness and live a purposeful life (part 1)

When you ask people what they really want in life, most of the time happiness is in their top three list. Happiness is not easily defined as it means different things to each one of us. Lately though, more and more research goes into that direction and people seem to be more mindful about the simple pleasures in life. Living in the now is no longer just a new age term someone wrote about in a self help book. So if we all want it, why is it so hard to get? You can't buy it (or actually, you CAN a [...]

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16 happiness systems that have a positive effect on other people

Have you ever had an a-ha moment? You know, a moment when suddenly little bits and pieces of life fall together and make you realize something? I had one some years ago. I was at work, in a good mood, smiling. I felt like I was in a bubble; a positive, happy bubble that allowed me to work easily and get things done. I noticed that my mood, attitude and intention seemed to change the way things were happening and people were reacting around me. One colleague seemed particularly stressed and in a [...]

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How (and why) to beat your inferiority complex

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. – Eleanor Roosevelt Some years ago, I was asked by the women’s network of an international bank to speak at their monthly meeting about creativity, finding your passion and work-life balance. When I met the two women, I was impressed by their professionality, their corporate position and the way they seemed to manage their own work life balance. When I am in such meetings, I have a tendency to fall back into one of my default settings, whi [...]

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15 ways to a happier you

It's already May and the year is reaching it's mid point... So I wanted to check in about those New Year resolutions you set back in January... Have you given up smoking/eating cookies/gobbling ice cream/complaining yet? Have you started exercising/eating healthier/being grateful for the small things/do one good deed a day? Or have you chosen a Word of the Year like I do? And it so, how is that working for you? Whichever you chose and whether you are sticking to it or whether it all went down th [...]

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9 ways to stay healthy and happy

At the beginning of each year, people always start with the same kind of resolutions. exercise more eat healthily drink less alcohol ... If you've followed me for some time, you know I don't believe in New Year's resolutions but choose a Word of the Year instead. Besides the word of the year, the secret to a happy and healthy life are your daily habits. They may be small habits, but they can alter your life tremendously. So below are few simple tips to stay (or become) happy and healthy. • Eat [...]

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