Less is more – or how clutter deprives you from being happy

During my Create your Life workshops, after the women have set their intentions, they are looking at the road ahead: how do I get there? And that road is filled with obstacles. Otherwise they'd already be there, right? Often enough they don't know what these obstacles are and during the Create Your Life Steps I help them to not only identify them but also eliminate them. Clutter is a big issue. Clutter comes in all kinds of shapes and forms. Clutter can be physical (objects, gadgets, souvenirs, [...]

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9 simple ways to bring some WOW (Ways Of Wonder) back into your life

Do you still wonder? WONDER: to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel (at). You are submerged with information, have all the latest technological gadgets and travel to the world's nicest holiday destinations. But do you still wonder? Really wonder? Here are a few things to bring some simple awesomeness back into your life. Space: We think we know a lot about our solar system and the stars and planets that are in it. But we only know a finite portion of what's out there. When I was [...]

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Create space for Intention through Elimination

Imagine going from REACTIVE to CREATIVE. What would that look like for you? How would your life change? That’s what I asked when I introduced the story of the Italian gelateria in a recent newsletter. Remember the woman who couldn’t decide what she wanted? I shared information about Intention, the first step in the Create Your Life steps process. If you missed it, you can refer back to that article here. Go ahead and do that before you continue reading today’s post. Intention and clarity show yo [...]

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