How to get anything done

Each year, when I look back on what I have accomplished, I tend to become my own worst enemy. By reducing the value of what I did. By minimising the work and effort my projects took. By playing small. Since I know this tendency well (it hits me once every so often), I know how to fight it. I usually write down a DONE LIST of all the things I have accomplished - even the little ones like writing 52 blog posts each year (see how I added the word 'little' to that accomplishment?! Seriously!) So I [...]

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Reward yourself out of procrastination

Whenever I have an idea for a new project, a retreat for example, or a new online course, I get all excited. I have the initial idea in my head and talk to all sorts of people about it. I start researching, gathering information. And then, somewhere in the middle of this, procrastination hits me. I get lost in my research, pretend that surfing the web is research..., find reasons why my idea won't work... Sound familiar? Well, let's get to the bottom of that. What is Procrastination? Procrastina [...]

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Systems Serenity: how to get things done and be happy

If you know me a little, you know that I work and thrive with systems. I have a LOT of systems :-) When I coach my clients, at some point there is always going to be a session on systems. But what is a system? Wikipedia describes it as follows: A system is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole. Every system is delineated by its spatial and temporal boundaries, surrounded and influenced by its environment, described by its structure and purpose and expresse [...]

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Inside the box: how systems make you more creative

I am living in a box. No, not really :-) But my house contains a lot of boxes. Many people ask me 'how do you do all the things that you do?' Half the time my answer is 'systems'. The other half of the time it's 'boxes'! :-) A box is a system. An organizational system. It helps you organize your house, your head, your life. Our lives already consist of a lot of boxes. There is work and home, family and friends, me-time and kids-time. When we meet new people we have the tendency to 'put them in a [...]

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I don’t know how she does it

My readers and clients often ask me: how do you do all the things you do? My simple answer is: I just do. Oh, and I have systems. Systems are the modern woman's most important weapon. Key to organization and decision making, without systems, we would just implode (or explode). And I see so many career women running around like Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie, I Don’t Know How She Does It, trying to do it all. But in order to do it all and have it all, you first need to know what it is that you [...]

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