A comfortable margin

My friends say that I am well organised. That I like to plan ahead - way ahead! They also call me punctual. I call that 'having a comfortable margin'. I don't like stress (who does?). So I plan. I ask myself: what do I need to do or put in place so I don't get stressed? Leave 10 minutes earlier for example. Sometimes that gets me to my appointment 10 minutes earlier (which allows me to have a coffee or revise the topic of my meeting), sometimes traffic is bad or something else happens and I'm ju [...]

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The space of less

Less things. Less plans. Less have to's. Less information. It sounds counterintuitive, yet it seems to be what we most need and crave. We live in a  world of 'needing to be up to speed/date' in case we miss out on the latest news/trends/happenings/opportunities. But too much information, too many choices and things lead to overwhelm and overload and we're unable to filter out what is really important. Instead of wanting, needing and doing more, how about we start trusting our intuition and feeli [...]

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The benefits of doing something ‘useless’

Remember when you were a kid and time seemed endless? Remember losing yourself in playful activities, roaming in the woods for hours on end, building a fort with no plan, dancing? Remember doing things just for the sake of doing them? Although play is not reserved for children, we seem to lose the right to play when we move into adulthood. In our high speed world of today, everything we do seems geared towards something: a goal, an achievement, a level to be reached, someone to impress. Studies [...]

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Time to feel

The other day I was reading a very good fiction book (The last anniversary by Liane Moriarty) and in one of the chapters, one of the characters recently had a baby. When her husband goes back to work after two weeks at home, she can’t seem to think or feel straight. Everything seems overwhelming, everything seems to take a superhuman effort. And yes, it may be due to the lack of sleep one has a new parent, but chemically, hormonally things were upset in her body. She mentions at some point that [...]

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Hollow interaction versus meaningful connection

How often do you have meaningful conversations in a day? If I look at my day, it starts with getting the kids up and asking them if they slept okay. The answer to that is usually a grunt or a hand gesture meaning 'I'm not awake yet'. Sometimes they do tell me about a dream they had. Sometimes I tell them about a dream I had. And then it's rush rush down the brush your teeth and get dressed list. At work, the day starts with 'Good morning, how are you?' answered by 'Fine and you?'. Sometimes foll [...]

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11 ways to get the best out of your coach

Have you ever had a coach? the trainer you had in high school the consultant they paid when you were laid off the fitness coach you decided to hire to loose those pounds the life coach you felt you needed to get through mid life We have all had a coach in our life at some point. Sometimes we chose them, sometimes they were thrust upon us... for better or for worse. Often for worse. Here are a few tips to make your next coaching experience a success: it goes without saying that the points outline [...]

2019-12-20T11:54:40+02:00June 22nd, 2018|
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