Hollow interaction versus meaningful connection

How often do you have meaningful conversations in a day? If I look at my day, it starts with getting the kids up and asking them if they slept okay. The answer to that is usually a grunt or a hand gesture meaning 'I'm not awake yet'. Sometimes they do tell me about a dream they had. Sometimes I tell them about a dream I had. And then it's rush rush down the brush your teeth and get dressed list. At work, the day starts with 'Good morning, how are you?' answered by 'Fine and you?'. Sometimes foll [...]

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11 ways to get the best out of your coach

Have you ever had a coach? the trainer you had in high school the consultant they paid when you were laid off the fitness coach you decided to hire to loose those pounds the life coach you felt you needed to get through mid life We have all had a coach in our life at some point. Sometimes we chose them, sometimes they were thrust upon us... for better or for worse. Often for worse. Here are a few tips to make your next coaching experience a success: it goes without saying that the points outline [...]

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Do you get enough rest?

I have been tired a lot lately. Now this is quite normal at the beginning of spring what with the season changing and all. But I have been tired more than usual. Or maybe I have only been feeling like that because I am actually stopping and resting? Chicken and egg, right? But it is true. In the past, whenever I was tired, I would usually shrug it off. Too much to do, too little time. You can sleep when you're dead...and so on. So I would push on, do the project, go to the dinner, see the show, [...]

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There is a time for everything

When you create, when you work on a project, when you organize an event, when you raise your kids, when you write a song, when you start a business, when you do anything in life really, there is a time for everything. That everything can be anything: the inspiration, the vision, the next step, the right supplier, the ideal milestone, the perfect school, that amazing riff, that excellent accountant... That everything can only come when all elements are ready for it. What elements are needed for i [...]

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What to do with good advice

Your Mom calls to give you her opinion about that dress you wore at last Sunday's picnic. Your friend suggests you take up samba lessons to meet new people. Your partner hints that he liked your hair with blonde highlights better. Your boss advises you to take a course to improve your presentation skills. ... We get advice every day, from all sorts of different people and for all kinds of things and situations. We usually categorize it into 'good' and 'bad' advice. Good advice is when someone ma [...]

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