Less things.

Less plans.

Less have to’s.

Less information.

It sounds counterintuitive, yet it seems to be what we most need and crave.

We live in a  world of ‘needing to be up to speed/date’ in case we miss out on the latest news/trends/happenings/opportunities.

But too much information, too many choices and things lead to overwhelm and overload and we’re unable to filter out what is really important.

Instead of wanting, needing and doing more, how about we start trusting our intuition and feelings to know what we really need and want to say yes to?

Trusting our body’s need for a walk, a rest, a bath, silence, ice cream, a hug.

Trusting our intuition to turn left in a city we don’t know, trusting in abundance and saying no to an offer that sounds interesting, trusting in that whisper to say yes in order to step out of our comfort zone.

One night I had planned to meet friends after a full week of having the kids 24/7. I felt I could really need some girl time and talk. Yet, that afternoon, when the kids left, all I craved was silence. To simply BE.

So I cancelled my girl’s night out and my tribe of wise women understood (which is one of the reasons we are friends by the way).

I was home alone and sat in silence on the couch and did absolutely nothing.

No TV. No music. No books.

Just empty space to be filled by me and my being.

It felt so rewarding and my body and mind told me I had made the right decision to stay home. I had things to process. Things that can only be processed during quiet time. I processed. Then I took a salty bath (to cleanse all the processing away) and I felt almost brand new.

The next day I also did nothing.

Turns out processing takes time, especially if you haven’t done it in a while.

So I drew a mind map of my process. And then burned it as a final ritual.

And I felt relieved. Of a weight. Of a burden.

And I felt thankful. For having listened to my mind and body’s need for silence so that this could come up, get processed and leave.

I vowed to myself to create more of such empty pockets of time, of less, of silence, of peace. So that I can feel, be and process.

Because less really is more.