I have a group of wonderful girlfriends. I call them my tribe.

These women are all very different. In age, in looks, in personality, in passion.

Whenever we are together, the following ALWAYS happens:

  • We drink wine.
  • We laugh a lot.
  • We hug.
  • We support each other.
  • We listen.
  • We share our innermost thoughts.
  • We show our vulnerability.
  • We nod and say ‘me too’.
  • We ask provocative questions.
  • We cry.
  • We tell the truth.
  • We create a safe haven.
  • We are real.

All these have one thing in common : they are AMAZING!

Yet, every so often, all of us seem to doubt that. We seem to think that the others are all so much more amazing and that we are not.

Why is that I wonder?

  • Because we compare ourselves to others.
  • Because we set the bar way high for ourselves.
  • Because we have failed in the past which created fear and judgment in the present.
  • Because our parents/education/partners/bosses/peers etc have conditioned us in a certain way.
  • Because we sometimes do not trust our own judgment.
  • Because we are tired or stressed which makes us less strong.
  • Because we think less of our achievements than of those of others.
  • Because we compare ourselves with the person we think we should be.
  • Because no one has told us (recently or ever) that we are amazing.

So let me tell you this.. (and while you read the below, please picture me twirling a magic wand around you)

  • You are wonderful in your own unique way.
  • No one is like you, and that’s such a great thing!
  • Do not let anyone including and especially YOU tell you otherwise!
  • Surround yourself by other amazing women who will tell you that you are amazing.
  • Make sure you tell other women how amazing they are.
  • If you feel less than amazing, you are for sure comparing yourself to anyone/anything. So stop it. Now!
  • You are ENOUGH.
  • You are worth it.
  • You are so so so AMAZING!!!

Now go back to what you were doing. Smile that amazing smile of yours. Go do your badass, amazing thing that you do!
And trust me, badass can be anything as simple as get food on the table for your kids or take wonderful self care by napping all day (that was me last Sunday by the way! – it was freakin’ badass awesome – although I needed my equally badass friend to tell me it was…)