In the work that I do, whether it’s coaching women, giving intuitive painting classes or lead discussions over a glass of wine, the topic of energy almost always comes up.

Energy is everywhere. It walks right along with you, wherever you go. Even if you don’t know it. It’s like a dog. It follows you around, it precedes you, it feels you.

Knowing where your energy is, means that you have clarity. It means that you are not spending time (= energy) on anything else but the goals and intentions you have set yourself. No matter how small they are.

Some energy uplifts you.

Some energy drains you.

Imagine you get up in the morning and you have 100 ENERGY POINTS. You need this energy to:

  • Focus
  • Create your intention
  • Realize your vision
  • Face your challenges
  • Stay healthy

However, during the day, sometimes even as early as waking up, you loose energy.

  • You get dressed and a button of your shirt is missing.
  • You stumble over a pile of dirty laundry.
  • You get irritated about the trash no one took out last night.

These are examples of energy eaters. Energy eaters are all your things that are UNDONE, INCOMPLETE or OVERDUE 

But also:

  • When you think about your negative past.
  • When you obsess about your future.
  • When you worry about your finances.

In those cases, you have no more present moment awareness and creativity.

Why don’t we remove those energy eaters?

  • Often enough, we don’t even know these things eat our energy.
  • It’s easier not to do anything (staying in the comfort zone).
  • We are afraid to do something new.
  • We are afraid to close down all other roads by choosing to do ONE thing.
  • We don’t want to look bad.
  • We look for someone else to help us and solve our problems.
  • We’re just lazy.
  • We have our habits.
  • We don’t have the clarity of who we are and where we’re going.

So how do you fix your energy leaks? Train your dog!

It starts with awareness. Because you cannot change what you are not aware of.


So everything you focus on, everything that gets your energy, grows. Whether it’s good or bad.

So if you focus on complaining about something, this thing becomes bigger. Often much bigger than it really is.

Focusing on your goals, something positive, your intention, your breathing, your smile,… makes those things expand.

So over the next few days, try to create some awareness on your energy leaks.

  • NOTICE and DOCUMENT what drains you.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed: go slow, reward yourself.
  • Wait for your a-ha moments to become more exciting than your overwhelm or resistance.

The result will be increased energy. I guarantee it.

The secret of energized people lies in the habits and the surroundings that they have created.

They have trained their ‘dog’, taught it what to focus on, how to show up, what to do and what not to.

I’d be happy to help you increase your energy. Actually, it’s a huge part of the 2nd Create your Life Step, which is Elimination, where we eliminate all those energy eaters so you can create the life you dream of.

Send me an email if you are interested to know more.