Is your company connected to its employees and its community?

A connection is the bond an individual experiences with another person, group or anything that stirs feelings of attachment, loyalty, excitement, inspiration, comfort and willingness to make sacrifices.

Working on connected teams inspires and stimulates people in ways nothing else can.

But positive connection in business is slipping away, and disengagement is on the rise.

Research clearly shows that engagement is related to productivity, performance and financial return. In fact, a 10% increase in engagement leads to 8% more discretionary effort which leads to a 2% improvement in performance.

How can you reduce the potential losses caused by an exhausted and demoralized workforce?

  • helping employees to effectively manage information overload
  • providing them with the tools they need to get their job done
  • redesigning jobs and working conditions
  • ensuring that key people are effectively developed and properly deployed

But a crucial and often overlooked source of disengagement comes down to workplace relationships.

Connection and engagement must become part of your culture, how you interact with and see the community you work in.

Create and Connect helps you do just that.

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