Create and Connect

Those two words define who we are and what we do: we are Creative Connectors.
We love to connect people, companies, charities, institutions etc in activities and projects that not only fill a need but also create something new and valuable: an awareness, a connection, a small dent in the universe.

We want to brainstorm with our partners about how we can put each others’ strengths and competencies to work to create a common value.

Who is we?

Miranda van den Heuvel, founder of Create & Connect, started organizing creative workshops when she felt a lack of creativity at work. These workshops were so successful that they grew into creative thinking trainings.

Miranda van den Heuvel - Founder of Create & Connect

Miranda an den Heuvel - Founder of Create & Connect

When the financial crisis hit, many companies were reducing their events and team building activities. Miranda worked out a creative concept that allowed companies to satisfy their team building needs by helping community partners fulfill their project needs. What started as small scale community events, quickly turned into regular, big projects and a need for structure. Create and Connect was founded.
Since then, projects have evolved from simple team building activities to full scale corporate/community partnerships.

Miranda has many years of experience in marketing and sales as well as event organization. She is a creative connector who is continuously looking for new ideas on how to bring all community players together in creative projects that create common value and inspire social change.

She is also known through her blog as Mindful Mimi.

Miranda is married and has two children and lives in Luxembourg.

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