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Creativity tip – Don’t listen to other people


I hope not to disappoint those of you who came here every Sunday for a good laugh. I don’t think you were too many anyway But I have decided to change my Sunday regular theme from laughter to creativity. So … Continue reading

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How to be unfriendly and have the best relationship with your mother


I live in a country where shop people are not particularly nice. Let me describe a likely shop visit: You enter a shop (lets say shoes) saying ‘Bonjour’ and the sales person either ignores you, looks at you scornfully for … Continue reading

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Some pursue things, others create them.


I have told you before that I am participating in the Art House Co-op Canvas Project with the goal to create a visual encyclopedia. I was sent me 3 little canvases and my randomly chosen words are: ready chart curvacious … Continue reading

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Does your room have a view?


A room with a view that has no window A heart filled with lovethat no one seems to want A worthy causethat no one is fighting for A splendid rainbowthat no one is seeing A moment of happinessthat no one … Continue reading

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Luxembourg in a time capsule


I recently told you about how I became a Guest blogger over at Expatica. Since then, I have written 3 guest posts titled ‘Luxembourg in a time capsule’. Come and take a trip down memory lane with me, will you? … Continue reading

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