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100 tips to get what you really want

Choose yourself. 1. Take control. Realize that you are responsible for the direction in your life. Choose today to take control of that direction! You are responsible for your own happiness. 2. Realize… that everyone goes through things in life … Continue reading

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Is your need for validation holding you back?

Self is the only prison that can ever bind the soul. — Henry van Dyke The other day I was working on a new plan for next year. I love doing that. Planning, thinking, being creative. I got all excited. … Continue reading

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8 easy steps to worry less

Happy New Year! Start it well by not worrying too much! Man suffers most from the suffering he fears, but which never appears. — Dutch proverb People worry about things that are important to them: ·      Work ·      Relationships ·      … Continue reading

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14 principles to live by

Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others. – Groucho Marx   Express your talent Paint, write, sing, knit, dance,… Find the time for it and do it with all your heart. Don’t judge … Continue reading

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12 sites for mindful holiday gifts

The holiday season is known for spending money. Often on gifts that end up being not wanted. To make your choice this year a bit easier, I would like to point out a few sites for gifts that are: original … Continue reading

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What to do when you need to calm down

I did this recently! This is all part of being REAL, and facing your fears. I am scared shitless, but doing it anyway. Tackling my fears usually involves more or less adrenaline. Because it means stepping out of my comfort zone. And this is … Continue reading

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What a hike through the woods can teach us about life


The other day I went for a hike through the woods behind my house. I am lucky to live in a spectacular place that has a great variety of landscapes. Especially the rock and cliff formations are stunning. Below are … Continue reading

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What to do when the shit hits the fan?


Before you read on: This is an article about SHIT. Any kind of shit. The good, the bad and the ugly. So if you are sensitive to it (language or any other wise), please move out of the way immediately. … Continue reading

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15 more creative questions you can use as icebreakers

question mark

Further to popular demand of this post, here are 15 more creative icebreaker questions you can use in trainings, meetings, parties, a get together… If you could have a super power, what would it be? Think flying, being invisible, turning … Continue reading

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6 simple tools towards effortless social media

She Like it!

I have this blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter and Pinterest account, I am on Linkedin and I write a regular Newsletter (for which you can sign up here). I often get the question ‘Do you have time to maintain … Continue reading

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