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If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got

Some time ago, I wrote about shit hitting the fan and potential things you can do to stop it. Today, I want to write an article about what to do when those things do not work. So the shit hits the fan … Continue reading

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100 tips to get what you really want

Choose yourself. 1. Take control. Realize that you are responsible for the direction in your life. Choose today to take control of that direction! You are responsible for your own happiness. 2. Realize… that everyone goes through things in life … Continue reading

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Progression, not perfection


Say you’re not very fit and you want to start running. So the first day you are completely out of breath after 100 meters. But you’re not giving up. The next day you run again and your lungs feel like … Continue reading

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Is your need for validation holding you back?

Self is the only prison that can ever bind the soul. — Henry van Dyke The other day I was working on a new plan for next year. I love doing that. Planning, thinking, being creative. I got all excited. … Continue reading

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8 easy steps to worry less

Happy New Year! Start it well by not worrying too much! Man suffers most from the suffering he fears, but which never appears. — Dutch proverb People worry about things that are important to them: ·      Work ·      Relationships ·      … Continue reading

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10 creative, inspiring women blogs

    Fiona Lynne: When I met Fiona she admitted that she had been stalking me (i.e. reading my blog) for a while and was inspired by me. We met for lunch at Happ and had a great conversation that made me … Continue reading

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8 talks you should have sooner rather than later

we need to talk

I recently had to go to Holland for a funeral. My lovely aunt Ria died at age 78. She was one of 15 children (yes, 15!) and as she took over the role of leading lady after my grandmother died, … Continue reading

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Why you need to jump (literally!) over your fear

Jump over your fears

  Do one thing every day that scares you. — Eleanor Roosevelt I have written a lot about my fears in the past years. And also about surpassing some. As you all know by now, I jumped out of a plane … Continue reading

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Midlife Crisis: How to Grow Through It and Become Happy Again

In an earlier post, I wrote about Getting Real and what midlife crisis is. A woman experiencing a midlife crisis may feel like her life is spiraling out of control. It can be scary when you start to get real … Continue reading

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Getting REAL: Women and Midlife Crisis

40 is a big number for many women I meet. It means they have just hit about the middle of their life. It means the biological clock is about to stop ticking for good. It means that either her kids … Continue reading

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