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Life is a canvas

I am participating in the Art House Co-op Canvas Project with the goal to create a visual encyclopedia and have received my three little canvases. My randomly chosen words are: ready chart curvacious While I was sitting on the terrace, … Continue reading

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How a 4 year old solves the Iceland ash cloud problem

Triggered by Seth Godin’s suggestion that one should teach our children to solve complicated problems, I recently wrote an article about how my 4 year old son solved the Greek debt crisis. As I found that he did pretty well … Continue reading

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Why are we the way we are?

Are we really so much smarter than people in the Middle Ages because we think that the Earth turns around the Sun? You see what your knowledge tells you you’re seeing. What you think the Universe is and how you … Continue reading

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How to become a guest blogger without planning to

Today I would like to send you over to another blog, where I have been asked to write a guest post about Life in Luxembourg. Prior to that, I had been asked whether I was willing to share a … Continue reading

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How a 4 year old solves the Greek debt crisis


After writing about attending Seth Godin’s speech in an earlier post, where he suggested that parents should teach their children to solve complicated problems and volunteered the idea of asking them to solve the debt crisis in Greece…, I owe … Continue reading

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Seth Godin on why we should all be artists

Yesterday I went to a speech by author, entrepreneur, agent of change, inventor of words Seth Godin in Antwerp (Belgium). I have read a few of his books and follow his pondering via his blog and I like his train … Continue reading

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