Life is a canvas

I am participating in the Art House Co-op Canvas Project with the goal to create a visual encyclopedia and have received my three little canvases.

My randomly chosen words are:

  • ready
  • chart
  • curvacious

While I was sitting on the terrace, sipping my tea and watching my boys play and fight in their sandbox, I started painting them all red. Nothing better to get you going on a project then to take a first step, or in this case, lay on a first coat of paint.

I have to submit by 1st September and then these little pieces of art will be exhibited at The Brooklyn Art Library and a book will be created entitled “The Canvas Project Encyclopedia VOL. 3″.

So here is my first attempt at the word chart…

To be continued…

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2 Responses to Life is a canvas

  1. Lance says:

    I think this is so awesome, what you are doing! I just see you more and more every day through the eyes of creativity…and I love it!!

  2. MindFul MiMi says:

    : Thank you for your kind words. Creativity is something you just do – you don't wait for inspiration :-)


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