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Creativity tip: ask a four year old


What better and simpler way to get fresh ideas than to ask other people? In business terms we tend to call this brainstorming: we sit in a room and discuss the same topic, bounce things off each other in the … Continue reading

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12 sites for mindful presents for the holidays


The holiday season is known for spending money. Often on gifts that end up being not wanted. To make your choice this year a bit easier, I would like to point out a few sites for gifts that are: original … Continue reading

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Creativity tip – Morph it!


Today I want to give you another way to crank out some new ideas. I call it ‘MORPH IT’ as you try to look at the problem as if it were something completely different. 1. Formulate the issue (for example … Continue reading

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The Secret to getting from A to B


I often get asked ‘How do you do all the things that you do? How do you manage to do them all? How did you get to where you are now?’ Well, let me tell you a secret: “The first … Continue reading

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Creativity tip – Reverse it!


A good and fast way to crank out some new ideas is to reverse them. 1. Formulate the issue as a HOW TO statement: How to increase training attendance by 30%? 2. Create 3 columns: Column 1: Assumptions What are … Continue reading

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How to be kind on world kindness day


This Saturday it’s World Kindness Day WHAT IS KINDNESS? Philospher and psychologist Piero Ferrucci says kindness is composed of 7 ingredients: EmpathyUnderstand a friend, see his point of view instead of answering with anger or impatience. ModestyBe humble with your … Continue reading

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Creativity tip: Trigger list


This week I was talking about A wish is a niche and how a bug list can help you come up with the next hype. There are other lists I tend to maintain to get a creative spark. One of … Continue reading

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Is the ‘pike syndrome’ keeping your from your success?

Do you get paralised by imaginary barriers?Do you suffer defeat because of some made-up obstacles?Do you have preconceived notions or arbitrary fears?Do you let outside things (like norms and rituals) cloud your judgment? How do you respond to change? Do … Continue reading

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