Creativity tip – Reverse it!

A good and fast way to crank out some new ideas is to reverse them.

1. Formulate the issue as a HOW TO statement:

  • How to increase training attendance by 30%?

2. Create 3 columns:

  • Column 1: Assumptions
    • What are the key characteristics, elements,…?
    • What must we have/do?
    • What would we get fired for changing?
  • Column 2: Reverse Assumptions
    • Negate the whole statement
    • Reverse elements of the phrase
    • Do not spend time looking for a precise reversal (just write it as it comes)
  • Column 3: Look for ideas in the reversal and write them into column 3

What can this mean/bring you?


From now on, try reversing whenever you encounter a problem and see what jumps up!

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