Creativity tip – Morph it!

Today I want to give you another way to crank out some new ideas.

I call it ‘MORPH IT’ as you try to look at the problem as if it were something completely different.

1. Formulate the issue (for example as a HOW TO statement):

  • How to increase traffic to our website?

2. Create 2 columns:

  • Column 1: Pick a totally different product or service and describe it:
    • What are its attributes?
    • What are its functions?
    • Does it have unusual aspects?
  • Column 2: Relate each attribute back to your issue:
    • How could these attributes be used to resolve your issue?
    • Look for ideas and write them all down

    Examples of other products/services:

How to increase traffic to our website? -> morphed into Fedex:
Fedex attributes:
  • Delivery the next day before noon
  • Personal delivery
  • Fast
  • Different options for sending
  • Online tracking
 Ideas sprouting from there:
  • Put a face of your employees/CEO on the website
  • Offer subscription to weekly newsletter
  • Reply faster than anyone to online questions
  • Make it load fast
  • Give people different options when coming to landing page (just browsing: open random page, looking for specific info: field to let them enter what they look for, etc)
  • Add widgets that allow them to follow you
From now on, try giving your issue a different morphology whenever you encounter a problem and see what jumps up!
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