How to be kind on world kindness day

This Saturday it’s World Kindness Day


Philospher and psychologist Piero Ferrucci says kindness is composed of 7 ingredients:

Understand a friend, see his point of view instead of answering with anger or impatience.

Be humble with your friends, listen to them instead of boasting about your successes.


Connections are more important than gaining three minutes. Think about this next time you impatiently stand in line at the supermarket.


Offer an object, a feeling, a thought, time. It allows you to go from owning to the pleasure to be with your friends.


Listen to the other without judgment. Accept his point of view even if it’s different from yours. It gives the other the space he deserves. Without this respect, kindness remains superficial.


It forms the base of constant solid relationship with those we love. Being loyal allows you to be in line with yourself and to keep our word.


Measure the chance you have to be healthy, thank your loved ones to be there for you,… Gratitude allows you to feel content with what you have and are without taking it for granted. Gratitude nourishes the sensation of plenitude and softens our regrets and frustrations.


  1. It makes you happy.
  2. It reinforces your immune system (check out research of Heartmath)
  3. It improves the performances of others (The Art of being kind)
  4. It relieves pain (The Healing Power of Doing Good)
  5. It gives pleasure (Healthy Pleasures)
  6. It is motivating.
  7. It is contagious (The Art of being kind)


  1. Distribute coffee or tea in the street (to the homeless, the mailman, the paperboy…)
  2. Organize a fundraiser for a charity.
  3. Bring flowers to someone you like.
  4. Thank the teacher of your child with a little gift.
  5. Leave a big tip to the waiter and leave a note of thanks.
  6. Invite a neighbor or lonely elder for dinner.
  7. Write to someone you have lost touch with or are angry with.
  8. At the hospital, visit those who get no visitors.
  9. Put some coins into the snack dispenser with a post-it that says ‘Enjoy’.
  10. Play ‘I noticed’: observe your colleagues, friends and notice their new outfits, haircuts etc and compliment them.

For more ideas, visit:

Acts of Kindness
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