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The right color for creativity


I recently did a search on what color represents creativity. Blue, yellow, purple, green…. Noone seems to agree even though blue and yellow seem to be most prominent. Sciencedaily says it depends on the task. What they all agree on … Continue reading

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How a 4 year old solves the dead birds mystery


Do you remember the dead birds that fell from the skies in the US and Europe recently? We never really heard what exactly the reason was for them falling from the sky all together at the same time, did we? … Continue reading

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First step to creativity: switch off the TV


How much time do you spend in front of the TV? Honestly. Give me a number if you can… One movie a night? That’s 1,5-2 hours times 7… Not that bad you say. Well, statistics say that if you live … Continue reading

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11 ways to get the best out of your coach


Have you ever had a coach? the trainer you had in high school the consultant they paid when you were laid off the fitness coach you decided to hire to loose those pounds the life coach you felt you needed … Continue reading

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Why you need to fail early and fail often


Whenever we have an idea, we would like to run it by some people to get validation. We want to hear that our idea is great. We don’t want to fail. So we want others to tell us that we … Continue reading

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What Oprah could do better


I like Oprah. I have for years. And I am not ashamed to say it I think she is creative, lives with intention, does what she needs to do, is not afraid to admit mistakes and she knows how to … Continue reading

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How doing nothing can help creativity


Do Nothing is a technique described by Brian Clegg in his book Crash Course in Creativity. How often have you been in a meeting where a problem is being discussed and you think it’s not really that important? How often … Continue reading

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Additional tips against clutter


In my last post, I wrote about different kinds of clutter and how to get rid of them. Today it’s time for a little reminder… How is that list coming along? Did you do 2 things from one list? If … Continue reading

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Creativity tip: go to the hairdresser


This week I went to the hairdresser. There is not much you can do while someone washes, cuts, tweaks and blow dries your hair… I realized that a few stepping stones of creativity were reunited here: I had some free … Continue reading

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