First step to creativity: switch off the TV

How much time do you spend in front of the TV?

Honestly. Give me a number if you can…
One movie a night?
That’s 1,5-2 hours times 7…

Not that bad you say.

Well, statistics say that if you live in the US or the UK, you spend 28 hours per week in front of the screen.

You’re doing a little better if you live elsewhere.


That’s more than 3 whole work days!

Wow! Just think about what you get DONE in 3 work days! And that’s at WORK!

This is your free time we’re talking about!

You’re giving it away willingly to the most mind-killing medium that exists.

  • TV gives you emotionally charged images
  • TV presents over simplified solutions
  • TV chews thoughts for you
  • TV is dulling

And dull is the end of creativity.

I am not saying all TV is bad – there are some good educational and informative documentaries, and I like a good movie from time to time. But every night?


Skip television one evening per week. If that’s hard, pick the day of the week where you always complain that nothing is on…

Make a list of (fun, creative) things you can do instead (i.e. don’t put ‘ironing’ on there):

  • Write a letter to a friend (not a Facebook message or an email, a real handwritten letter)
  • Go for a walk instead (you’ll be amazed at how the world looks when it’s dark and empty)
  • Talk to your partner: pick a theme a week (and it can’t be topics like the groceries or the kids)
  • Learn something new: take a class or pick a new word in the dictionary and find uses for it
  • Start a blog
  • Make a dinner plan for the week
  • Meditate
  • Be bored: lie on your couch and do nothing. Think, look around you, listen.
  • Got to bed early. Very healthy!

Can you come up with more?

See how you’re doing after 2 weeks.

Increase to 2 nights a week of television freeness!

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