Additional tips against clutter

In my last post, I wrote about different kinds of clutter and how to get rid of them.

Today it’s time for a little reminder…

How is that list coming along?

Did you do 2 things from one list?

If not, please read below tips to spur you on:

  1. ALL items in your house should be USEFUL and BEAUTIFUL.
    “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful.”
    -William Morris

  2. ALL items in your house should have a PLACE.
    If the don’t have one, create one. If you can’t create one, toss it.
  3. Ask yourself: what is my MOTIVATION for keeping this?
    • Guilt (it costs so much; it’s from my dead grandmother)?
    • Fear (if I fail in my business, I will be glad to have kept this)
    • The image it gives (if I have this, people will think I’m successful)
    • Souvenir (it’s from when I was a little girl)

    Don’t link your items to past or future things. Especially not if they are draining your energy. You want to get rid of negativity. Trust your feelings, your instinct when you pick it up. If you don’t feel good about it, throw it out.

  4. Baby steps:
    Stick to the plan of doing a few things per week. Otherwise you get overwhelmed and will just stop the whole process.

  5. Create a system:
    Avoid having to think about making appointments. Next time you’re at the garage/hairdresser/dentist etc schedule your next appointment(s). That way they are in the calendar and you can stop thinking about them.
  6. Get committed:
    Put aside the time to do this.
    Get your partner involved.
  7. Intention:
    And this should probably be up on the top of this article…
    It all starts with your intention. What is it that you WANT? Write it down, clearly.
    Everything you do should be in line with your intention:
    • your actions (is this in line with my goal? if not, why am I doing it? Do I have to do it?)
    • your language (no more ‘I kind of, sort of, maybe want to do this’)
    • your space (is a messy living/working space in line with the successful business woman you intend to be?)
    • your people (are you surrounded by supporters or energy draining whiners?)

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