The right color for creativity

I recently did a search on what color represents creativity.

Blue, yellow, purple, green….

Noone seems to agree even though blue and yellow seem to be most prominent.

Sciencedaily says it depends on the task.

What they all agree on though, is that color is important, influences us, our perceptions and our moods.

Now, if you want to increase creativity, you probably can’t go ahead and paint your office like a Swedish flag (unless you work for Ikea).

But how can you surround yourself with color that inspires you?
  • put a blue screen saver on your pc
  • hang up a poster of van Gogh’s Starry Night
  • order blue (or green or…) binders (instead of gray or white ones)
  • get colored post-it notes
  • put some removable colorful stickers on your wall or window
  • go for a walk under the blue sky
  • Cover your walls in ideapaint and doodle away

How do you put color in your life?

The color wheel: from primary over monochromatic to neutral – all in one place
Color matters: extensive site all about color

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