Do schools kill creativity?

Grab a coffee, sit down and relax and watch Sir Ken Robinson tell you all about creativity and the pitfalls of the future we have to steer clear from.

This speech and many other inspiring video’s can be found on TED.
I found this on Zenstorming which has many interesting posts.
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4 Responses to Do schools kill creativity?

  1. John Lacey says:

    I recently embedded this video on one of my sites too. Mr. Robinson makes a really compelling argument and I would love to track down some of his books. I particularly adored the example he cites of Gillian Lynne’s childhood experience.

  2. DebMc says:

    I love this! I’ve blogged about this idea of creativity being killed while we are young. One of my favorite examples is hearing Harry Chapin tell the story of his song ‘Flowers are Red.’ Evidently a teacher told him ‘your son marches to his own song, but don’t worry we’ll have him marching in line soon.’

  3. HIB says:

    I saw your blog from Jungle of Life.
    Thanks for the link. I’ve often thought about this and I’ll have to make time to watch this.

  4. MindFul MiMi says:

    @ John: absolutely. I try to foster creativity in my kids every day. It doesn’t have to be painting or making something, but just looking at a leaf, or baking bread with me.

    @ Deb: totally agree. It’s like forcing a child to write with the right hand when they’re obviously left-handed. It kills neurones…

    @ HIB: thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.


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