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8 reasons why you need to prototype to be innovative


This week we asked you whether you had a creative toolbox. Today we will show you the benefits of having one for prototpying. Prototyping works for products, services and business processes. You can prototype just about anything via the different … Continue reading

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Do you have a creative toolbox?

Creative Sparks Toolkit

At Create and Connect we are all about creativity. And we know how difficult it is to be creative in a gray on white corporate meeting or boardroom. So, you ask, how can we add some creativity to our sterile, … Continue reading

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Do you have a problem that needs a creative solution?

Problem to be solved creatively

While organising my Creative Thinking training, I ask participants to provide me with real life examples of their problems to work on during the workshop. In order to make the workshop as relevant for them as possible, it is best … Continue reading

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15 creative icebreaker questions

Creative questions

I am running a creative thinking workshop next week and have been thinking of icebreakers and interesting games to lighten up the more theoretical part. Last week I was in a training myself and their icebreaker, introductory question to participants … Continue reading

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WHY and WHEN are you creating anyway?

Why are you creating?

I recently wrote about “being scared shitless“. Fear is a huge roadblock. It can be very paralyzing. It stops our creativity. We don’t start this project because we think that it won’t work anyway. We don’t present our idea to … Continue reading

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Improv rules for creativity


You have probably seen some improv comedy on television or during a live show. It’s often hilarious and when I first saw it I was in awe of the creative capabilities of these people. It wasn’t until later that I … Continue reading

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Invite a friend from out of town to boost your creativity


We had the visit of a dear friend over Easter. She came all the way from Dallas, Texas to tiny Luxembourg. Quite exotic for both of us. I found that visit to be filled with lots of creative sparks. So … Continue reading

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The ABC of getting things done

Know your abc

Creative people are supposed to create. Whether they are artists, coaches or business men/women. But even creative people procrastinate. Or get stuck. So how can you get things (any things) done? Here is a little system that can help you … Continue reading

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Expose yourself to multiple surfaces

Visiting a Conference can be very colorful

Recently I was practicing serendipity by exposing myself to many different surfaces. I attended a conference on Corporate Social Responsibility. Here are a few of my observations and discoveries: ISO 26000 was on the agenda although Luxembourg voted against it. … Continue reading

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