Creativity is as important in education as literacy — Sir Ken Robinson

I really do believe I was put on the planet to help people have creative confidence. I don’t have 27 agendas. I’m not the sustainability guy, or the developing-world guy. My contribution is to teach as many people as I can to use both sides of their brain, so that for every problem, every decision in their lives, they consider creative as well as analytical solutions.

– David Kelley, founder of IDEO


Until about a year ago, David Kelley was on a roll. He had received a National Design Award, been inducted into the National Academy of Engineering, held an endowed chair at the Stanford School of Engineering, and even won the Sir Misha Black Medal for his “distinguished contribution to design education.” He also had a loving wife, a daughter to whom he was devoted, and a vast circle of friends that included Apple’s Steve Jobs and actor Robin Williams. Then, one morning, he noticed a lump on his neck. David Kelley, the founder of IDEO, had cancer. Read the inspiring account of David’s journey into design thinking.

Visit David Kelley’s IDEO
Watch Ken Robinson’s Do Schools kill creativity.

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