There is no delight in owning anything unshared — Seneca

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Have you ever heard about

Memetales is a children’s picture book bazaar. Memetales brings together inspired storytellers and most talented illustrators to help the world fall in love with creating and reading picture

Memetales provides a platform for collaboration and helps create unique, incredibly useful and high quality picture books by bringing together people with complementary skills. These books will be read and loved all over the world through the Memetales bazaar.

While providing a high visibility launch platform for first time authors and illustrators, Memetales strives to be THE children’s picture book repository of the future. Memetales will become the unified marketing platform for all self-published authors and small publishing houses that create the best picture books for the children of the world.

At Memetales, they strongly believe that there is an incredible amount of passion and talent waiting to be shared by a number of people. With the advances in technology and publishing formats, Memetales gives them a way to share their creativity with the world, while helping them advance as writers, illustrators and artists.

When taking a large part of the pain away from the process of creating a children’s picture book, incredibly special things start to happen and it is already happening at Memetales!

So if you are a writer or illustrator, with lots of ideas and are looking for like-minded people, please go to the Memetales page and sign up (for free).
You can also visit the Memetales blog.

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