You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. — Plato

The basis of human trust is established through play as Plato rightly pointed out.
Play is serious!
Nothing lights up the brain like play.
Play is the beginning of knowledge.

Yet it seems that, just like creativity, it is educated out of us. When was the last time you played? Really played, engaged in silly, childish activity, with no purpose at all but to have fun?

If you have kids, it was probably yesterday. Children remind you of how simple things really are – or should be. A simple peekaboo makes them giggle. As adults we loose our creativity and start using our imagination to find excuses. We think about ‘what people would think’. I mean, seriously, what would they think if we went up to a stranger and went ‘you’re it’ and ran away playfully? The stranger would most likely think you just escaped from a mental institution. Because he does not know that play is vital – no matter your age.

Listen to Stuart Brown on this subject.

I love the idea of the wearable meeting at the end of the speech :-) It is in line with my earlier post on innovation and meetings at Ideo.

So go out and play. And if you lack imagination, go find some children, borrow them from friends or family if you don’t have any. And just follow them along in whatever they want to play. And the more you do that, the faster your imagination comes back to you from way back when you were a child.

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2 Responses to You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. — Plato

  1. schnoobie says:

    Hi Mimi…
    i just read your post on Christine Kanes Blog and I’m sorry I don’t have any practical advice for “wandering”… but I wanted to let you know I DO IT ALL THE TIME TOO…. in fact I’ve been researching herb and vitamin supplements to help with my focus….cause it only happens when I am at home( not at my day job) and I’m the only boss of me( when I should be creating or working on finishing a quilt for a client!)I just bought some Ginki Biloba and am hoping it will help.. I found a product called “Constant Focus” that had great reviews… but wasn’t willing to pay the high $..I see you are a fan of Pioneer woman and her photos…. I enjoy her blog too..GOOD LUCK staying on track.. if anything really workd please drop me a line.. HAPPY SPRING!

  2. MindFul MiMi says:

    @ Schnoobie: thanks for visiting. It seems there is a small community that reads the same blogs. I’ll let you know if I find a way to keep focused :-)


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