On being creative – and finding your passion

Being creative is so much fun. It definitely fills my cup at the moment.

And I haven’t even been painting much lately.

My creativity was concentrated on setting up a third session of my Creative Workshops at work and have them taken up in the company’s training catalogue (Yay!).

I have also worked on a corporate social responsibility project that I would like to get off the ground at our workplace. So far we are well on track.

And my first children’s book ‘Rufus’ first night alone’ is almost finished in both prose and rhyme. You will hear about the launch soon.

And I am equally excited about all of the above – which explains why my blog lately goes from one Sunday laugh to another without much substance in between. The fun is clearly happening outside of blogging world.

Lately I have been talking with people about creativity a lot. And these discussions have led into many different directions: from how creativity relates to quantum physics to how one can find one’s passion.

And I think the last one is the secret of creativity:


If you find your passion, you are bound to be creative independent of the field your passion is in.
Whether you love to create images on your computer that look real but do not exist or whether you can see yourself entering the delicatessen world.

The secret is realizing what your passion is and then pursuing it. And when it comes to pursuing it, most people never get off the ground. They seem to find themselves so many reasons to remain in their status quo. They see their passion, their plan as a big elephant, as the big project and they just do not know how or where to begin.

And it is so very easy: Baby steps.

Just start by doing one thing (attend that delicatessen fair, or buy that computer program which allows you to manipulate your pictures).

And when that baby step is done and you have had the satisfaction of ticking it off your list, choose the next one (working out one product line of delicatessen, publishing one picture on a dedicated website). And so on.

We often get held back because we only see the big elephant project. But even an elephant moves by setting one foot in front of the other.

So what is your passion?

What are you doing to get closer to living it?

What are the baby steps you can do now and achieve?

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