“Everything is alive; everything is interconnected” ~ Cicero

Lance from Jungle Of Life should be the ambassador of Bodacious-ville. He is bold and audacious and with his blog unites people from all over the world through his thoughts and projects.
This time he got me hooked as well to participate in the Car dancing project, a micro-movement organized by The Levity Project.
Do you ever dance in your car? Swing along with the music? And then you stop at a red light and suddenly stop moving because you become conscious of the people in the cars next to you?
Well, the car dancing movement was organized as a celebration. And even though it felt uncomfortable, silly and even stupid when I was recording it, after a few takes it was still silly but became less stupid and just simple fun.
For my boys this was just ‘business as usual’ as they don’t really know yet what it feels like to be uncomfortable, fenced in by some society rules (who made those up anyway?).
When I showed them the final result with all the other people car dancing though, they thought that was pretty cool :-)
Watching the result below I feel honored and proud to have been a part of it. And you can see that all the participants had fun stepping out of their comfort zone.
So what did you recently do to step out of your comfort zone?
Why not visit The Levity Project and Jungle Of Life to find out what else they are cooking?
Enjoy the video :-) ))
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2 Responses to “Everything is alive; everything is interconnected” ~ Cicero

  1. Lance says:

    This was definitely a stepping out of that comfort zone for me, too. In the privacy of my own driveway, without anyone around – car dancing was easy. Take that out where others can see you, though…and it's a different story!

    After doing this, though, there was something very freeing about it. And…it just really felt "good"!!

    Mimi, thank you so much for joining in on this! You were such an amazing participant, and just like everyone else – I just can feel the joy coming from your being…as I watch you and your boys dancing!

    Keep rockin', awesome friend!!

  2. Katie West says:

    Thank you SO much for participating in this!!!
    So many people have told me they love your clip.

    We will definitely keep you informed. Thank you for sharing the vision.
    Peace and Laughter,


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