Creativity tip – Find a recorder

You are creative every day.


Oh yes you are!

You have ideas right?

  • At work to improve a project.
  • At home to fix a toy.
  • With your kids to come up with games to play.

What do you do with them?

  • You implement them.
  • You share them.
  • You test them.

But do you record them?

Leonardo Da Vinci had no Ipad. He had a notebook.
He recorded all of his ideas in it. So did Edison.

Where do you keep your ideas? Do you let them be lost in space?

Ah, but I have no such brilliant ideas as Edison and Da Vinci, you say.

Not yet, I answer. Not all their ideas were groundbreaking either. The thing is: they had MANY ideas. They recorded them. And that enabled them to come back to them, analyze them, ponder over them, and eventually make the unlikely connection that becomes a brilliant idea.

So, get a notebook, Ipad or phone, dictaphone, rolodex…whatever system suits you best.
And start recording.

Come back to your treasure chest from time to time when you are looking for ideas. You might be surprised what you find.

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