Creativity tip: hack others’ ideas

Being creative is often not more than taking two existing things or ideas to create something new.

So basically, you are stealing from others to create your own, new version.

It is not enough to add a new feature to an existing product.

It’s more like working for a glue company, sitting on a plane, seeing a woman use a lipstick and coming up with the first glue stick. A-ha!

So look at common objects and think what you could turn them into.

Some examples:

  • Simple Ikea photo frames to create wall art.
  • Toast art
  • Thumbtacks art
  • Crayon totems and Crayon art sculptures
  • Book art
  • Eatphabet (alphabet with food)
  • Bottles
  • Clothes chair
  • Coin sofa’s
  • Burger grease
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