There is a time for everything

When you create, when you work on a project, when you organize an event, when you raise your kids, when you write a song, when you start a business, when you do anything in life really, there is a time for everything.

That everything can be anything: the inspiration, the vision, the next step, the right supplier, the ideal milestone, the perfect school, that amazing riff, that excellent accountant…

That everything can only come when all elements are ready for it.

What elements are needed for it to arrive?

  1. Clarity:
    what is is that you want? how do you want it? how should it look? It’s the big picture. Paint it. Put it on a vision board. Visualize it often (hang it up on your bathroom mirror). Change it as you go along. Come back to it when things change along the way.

  2. Intention:
    how bad do you want it? why do you want it? how do you want to make it happen? what would you need to do about it? who could you talk to?

  3. Decision:
    it’s intention with legs: what ARE you going to do about it? what do you need to do to make it happen? when? how often? for how long? with whom?
    This is often the stage when the Universe throws you a curve ball and puts you right back to the first or second stage: what did you want? really? and HOW BAD do you want it? really? This is usually when ‘shit happens’ just to see how serious you are (as in: you don’t need an accountant…you haven’t even set up your business yet)
  4. Concretisation:
    You were clear on it, you intended it the right way and decided how to get there.
    And then the accountant shows up on your doorstep.
    Well, sometimes. But most of the times it takes a little more than that. Often enough we expect things to materialize before the time is actually right for it. Sometimes we might have met him and didn’t even notice… We get frustrated and procrastinate on our project or even give up.
    Instead we should ask ourselves why we haven’t found the perfect number cruncher yet. Are we still clear on our project? Is the intention a bit off maybe? Or have we take a few wrong decisions that need to be aligned. Are our expectations in line with reality.
    When the time is right, he will show up and you will notice him.

Just know that YOU are the one who has the dials of the clock in your hands.

And if you follow above steps you will start noticing a difference. You learn to read the signs, be patient and recognize when the Universe talks to you :-)

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