WHY and WHEN are you creating anyway?

I recently wrote about “being scared shitless“.Why are you creating?

Fear is a huge roadblock. It can be very paralyzing. It stops our creativity.

We don’t start this project because we think that it won’t work anyway.
We don’t present our idea to management because they will think it’s stupid.
We don’t start that painting because we fear it will never be perfect.

We procrastinate.

We wait:

  • until the moment is right to speak to management
  • until we get inspiration to start the painting
  • until we ‘feel’ creative to write a pitch about the project
  • until someone ‘discovers’ us

Sometimes it’s the other way around. We don’t wait, but try so hard to ‘get there’ and become the successful, happy, creative person we know in our heart we can be.

But we miss 2 things in all this

  1. The WHY!

    Why are you creating anyway?
    Because you want to be discovered?
    Because you want people to admire and love you?
    Because you want to be rich?Or because it’s just something you love doing? Something you have in you that needs to get out.If the WHY of creating (your art, your business, your happy family,…) is a happier YOU or a happier, more beautiful world because of what you create, then you’re on the right track. If you create for the wrong reasons, you should not be surprised that you are afraid and that things don’t work the way you want them to.

    Get your WHY right before you fear or worry about the WHAT.

  2. The NOW! When you’re happy, you’re happy now.
    When you’re creative, you’re creative now.
    When you’re successful, you’re successful now.

Not tomorrow, or when inspiration strikes, or when someone discovers us.
So stop thinking so much and worrying about tomorrow.

Start creating NOW.

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