Do you have a creative toolbox?

At Create and Connect we are all about creativity.

And we know how difficult it is to be creative in a gray on white corporate meeting or boardroom.

So, you ask, how can we add some creativity to our sterile, dull meeting rooms without having to repaint the lot?

All you need is a creative toolbox.

Creative Sparks Toolkit

What do you need for a Creative Sparks toolbox?

  1. The box:
    - small or big depending on the content
    - cardboard or plastic (stackable or with wheels for example)

  2. The content:
    depends very much on the purpose. Here are some examples:

    - idea generation toolbox: fill it with random pictures torn from different magazines, lots of post-it notes in different colors, little round sticker sheets for voting on best ideas,Creative Sparks Toolkit markers in all sorts of colors, paper (different formats and colors)

    - prototyping toolbox: fill it with sticks, toothpicks, yarn, rubber bands, paperclips, all sorts of small and bigger crafting objects, glue, scotch tape…

  3. The use:
    Use the toolbox in meetings, when you are thinking up a new project, product or service.
    Put it on your desk and open it whenever you are looking for some inspiration.
    Fiddle with its content whenever you are ‘too much in your head’ and need some ‘hands on’ input.

That’s all very nice you say, but what’s the benefit of prototyping?

Stay tuned for those in our upcoming post on Sunday.

If in the meantime, you can’t wait to have such a toolbox but still don’t know how to create one, contact us and we will put one together for you.

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