The ABC of getting things done

Creative people are supposed to create. Whether they are artists, coaches or business men/women.

ABCBut even creative people procrastinate.
Or get stuck.

So how can you get things (any things) done?

Here is a little system that can help you remember the basics. And it’s as simple as the alphabet.

Follow your A-B-C’s.

Here is my list of ways to stay motivated by using the alphabet for inspiration.
For example:

  • A – Announce my goal to others to make sure that they keep me accountable.
  • B – Begin: taking the first step is always the hardest part.
  • C – Call a friend whenever I feel like giving up on my goal.
  • D – Dare: to put myself out there, to share my ideas, to fail… and to move forward
  • E – Efficient and Effective: ask myself in everything I do to reach my goal whether it’s efficient and/or effective – if not it costs me too much effort and that is draining.
  • F – Fail. Failure is good. Learn from it and move on/up.
  • G – Grow: growing means changing, it hurts, but it’s the only way up.
  • H – Help: ask for it and get it whenever I need it. It is NOT a sign of weakness. It is a smart move to make me advance faster.
  • I – Immerse myself totally in my goal/project from time to time without ANY interruptions
  • J – Jogging: get regular exercise to let off steam, relax, stay happy and fit.
  • K – Know myself, understand my strengths and weaknesses, my limitations so that I can provide my best work.
  • L – Listen to feedback, advice, constructive criticism. Pick out what is useful, use it and put the rest away.
  • M – Master my fear, my overwhelm, my chaos. Reduce it to the size it really is and put it where it belongs.
  • N – Number: Limit the number of things I am working on. There’s only so many things I can do at the same time. If I want a project to be done well, I cannot be focused on 100 others at the same time.
  • O – Optimism: stay positive. It focuses my energy in the right direction.
  • P – Pessimism: avoid negativism, criticism, complaints and gossip by all means!
  • Q – Question myself, my goal from time to time, in a positive way.
  • R – Resist jumping to conclusions, trying to finish quickly, taking the easy road. If I do something, I want to do it well.
  • S – Support: surround myself with people who support me
    and set up Systems that make me achieve my goal more effortlessly.
  • T – Trust myself, my capabilities, my gut feeling.
  • U – Unitize: break big plans and projects into little units. Little steps become more oversee-able and do-able.
  • V – Vent if I need to let off steam, but finish on a positive note and with a solution to avoid the same frustrating situations in the future.
  • W – Wonder and Wander: sometimes it’s okay to pause and look at the scenery and maybe even get off your road a bit. I may get some great ideas that help me move on faster.
  • X – X-Ray my goal from time to time to see if what I am creating is growing together as I had planned.
  • Y – Yes I can, Yes I am!
  • Z – Zen: remember to stay zen even when things get a little crazy. It’s never as bad as I think.

What does your ABC look like? Can you turn it into a song? :-)

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