Expose yourself to multiple surfaces

Recently I was practicing serendipity by exposing myself to many different surfaces.Visiting a Conference can be very colorful

I attended a conference on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Here are a few of my observations and discoveries:

  • ISO 26000 was on the agenda although Luxembourg voted against it.
    You cannot get an Iso 26000 certificate (like with other Iso standards), you can only indicate that you comply with it.
  • You can now have meetings that are ecologically responsible (eco-meeting).
  • There is a book on how to ethically and solidarily invest money. I’m sure going to ask my banker a few questions now.
  • You can measure the risk of your demographic location. It comes as no surprise that Luxembourg is very green, i.e. low risk but high opportunity.

Here are a few ideas to expose yourself to surfaces:

  • Visit a conference like me – topics you know not much about give you the best creative results
  • Have a friend from out of town or country stay at your house (more about that in another post soon)
  • Have lunch with someone you hardly know and who does work you know little about
  • Buy a few magazines you would normally not read (example: gardening, fly-fishing, computer programming, travel etc) and see what creative ideas the pictures and stories spark
  • Travel to a country where you don’t speak the language
  • Read some blogs on topics ranging from mixed media art, over pioneering photography and cooking in the middle of nowhere, to getting into the habit of zen.

What surfaces have you recently exposed yourself to?

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