Top 5 creative children’s books

Today I want to share a few books I recently discovered and that my kids just adore.
I want to highlight them here because they are no ordinary books but have a very creative side to it.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Morrislessmore website


Keep our secrets
Heat sensitive, color changing book.

At Amazon.


An Awesome Book

Dallas Clayton is a cool guy who lives in an awesome world. He wrote and illustrated his own children’s books An Awesome Book and An Awesome Book of Thanks.

For every Awesome Book that is sold, one is donated. Books are delivered directly and distributed to schools, hospitals, libraries, camps and shelters both domestically and worldwide by the Awesome Foundation.
I have both books and my kids love them.



My children love pop-up books. And this one has sounds as well and teaches them everything about the animals on safari.


Little Prince

Another favorite pop-up book of theirs is The Little Prince. It is so special because of the original and detailed pop-ups.

Livre Pop-up : La série animée du Petit Prince par lepetitprincetv

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