Who is your Shero?

When I grew up, I loved heroes. But most of all I loved Sheroes.
I could identify with the female heroes better than with the McGyvers of this world.

Below are a few of my favorite sheroes.

Pippi Longstocking Red Zora Working girl Laura Ingalls
She lives alone. How great is that when you’re a kid? She can do anything she wants. She has money, she has fun. She plays. She is über-creative in inventing games. She is kind. She shares and she gives away freely. She is smart and strong and able to handle any situation. She is human. She is inventive. She has no worries at all. She is a leader. She is daring and grown-up for her age. She knows what to do in any situation. She can survive.  She is ‘better’ than the boys. She is strong but vulnerable at the same time. Every day is an adventure. She has a certain sadness about her. She perseveres. She stands up for what she believes in. The fights for her right. She is human and vulnerable. She wants to succeed. She wants to love. She likes to connect the dots. She stores all sorts of information for no reason. She remains herself even after her success. And she does not make anyone get her coffee. She is a tomboy. She is stubborn. She loves nature. She lives in a happy, loving family. She prefers play to work. She is smart and witty. She dares to speak up. She fights for what’s right. She is a daddy’s girl. She worries and thinks a lot. She has a good heart.

I guess you can tell I grew up in the 80ies… And it seems that I had a thing for redheads :-)

Who are your (s)heroes?

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