The secrect to taking (imperfect) action

Why are some people successful and others not?
Why are some people always starting new projects and other just sit and wait?
Why are some people reaching out to give their best and others just moan and complain?
Why do some people exercise regularly and others try every once in a while and then give up again?

The answer is: motivation.

Motivation is made up of several things.

Let’s look at them:

The potential to succeed. Whether it’s talent, your own perceived potential or people saying you’re good at something. The higher the potential, the better the actions.

This is what you do. The actions you take to get towards your goal.
The clearer and more determined you are, the better and more targeted your actions will be.

The results you get depend on the actions you take. More action does not necessary mean better result.

So if you believe you can do it (certainty), you have a huge potential of succeeding. If you are clear on where you want to go, the potential path will be easier to find.

And this is exactly where most people get it wrong.

Here’s why:

More potential:
Increasing your potential by say, learning languages, web design, marketing, public speaking and other things you might need to get closer to your goal is not a bad idea in itself. It alone will however not make that big a difference.

More action:
How many times have you seen people take more action in order to get more money/results/clients etc? As said before, more action does not mean better results. It just means more action.

More results:
This is the biggest trap in today’s corporate world. Managers keep pushing employees for more results. More sales, more innovative ideas, more this, more that. And sometimes they get it. But without a secret ingredient, these results, hard working employees usually don’t last forever.

More belief:
This is the secret ingredient. Without certainty that you can do it, conviction that your idea is great, clarity of where you want to be and how it looks there, all other three are just empty shots.
Take action with belief and you get results. Because it creates momentum. Because when you believe you can do something, you want to do it, you become obsessed with getting there.

People who believe have clarity, certainty. They set clear intentions on where they want to go and how they want to get there. They move from the BE level.

They don’t say: If only I HAD this, then I could DO that and BE this.

Instead they get clear of why the want to BE and then they behave that way with clarity and certainty.

Sometimes it may look like ‘fake it until you make it’. But look at them and judge them by their actions and results.

Are they successful?
Are they always starting new projects?
Are they reaching out to give their best?
Are they exercising regularly?

Right… I rest my case.

Oh, one more thing… These people are certain and clear and take action.
Even, or especially, imperfect action. Because even imperfect action is good action when you know your WHY.

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