Finding a way back to color

For some time I have been in awe of the paintings of Flora Bowley (her website, her blog, her e-course).

She recently published a book about Brave, Intuitive Painting.

And although I have never met her, she speaks to me! She is vibrant, colorful, truthful, REAL! And creative. And I want her at one of my retreats next year! (so watch this space)

But first, I have signed up to her online painting class which started recently and I have been having so much fun with it.

I have been painting over the past year and recently was in what I call my ‘gray period’ :-) or my earth and nature period. All my paintings had an earthen look and colors.

And I love attaching things I find in nature (such as tree bark, seed pods etc).

Years go I did some more colorful paintings:

And I now crave color in my life and wanted to find some creative inspiration to get back in there.

I always have a tendency to think too much and I would love to learn how to paint from the heart, with intuition, flow and dancing fun. Flora seems to be the right person to teach me that, don’t you think?

So soon I will be sharing the result of that painting course with you.

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2 Responses to Finding a way back to color

  1. Laura says:

    You know I love Flora too! Her work is so inspiring… I love her book as well. I want to see your finished paintings from the workshop. Hope you share!

  2. Mindful Mimi says:

    Dear Laura,
    I have her new book as well and love it. I really want to meet her and have already contacted for details on having her over here for an art retreat. You will just have to come back to Europe in 2013!
    I will share my paintings, but they are not finished yet. They are ‘growing’ :-)


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