Your normal is someone else’s exotic

I was listening to an audio book where an American student was describing his Guatemalan roommate as exotic.

Sun on your skin, beaches, mosquitoes, colorful clothing, palm trees and lush green and blue scenery, sing song language.

Exotic, yes. But normal, every day life when you’re Guatemalan.

It’s the same with creativity.

The things you do in your normal way may look exotic to someone else.

And have you really looked at the normal, routine life you’re leading? Is it really that mundane?

There are so many normal ways of being creative that we tend to forget about them.

  • How you cook dinner is creative.
  • How you dress every day is creative.
  • How you solve problems is creative (yes even the problem of how to clean your baby’s poo off the couch!)
  • How you write your blog posts is creative.
  • How you bring laughter on someone’s face is creative.
  • How you fold laundry is creative (I have never seen two people fold laundry the same way…)
  • How you manage stress is creative.
  • How you entertain guests is creative.
  • How you manage to fit all the garbage in the can every week is creative.

So you don’t have to paint a masterpiece, speak a foreign language, or live on an exotic island to be creative.

Creativity can be found in the ordinary. You just need to see it.

So what’s your ordinary this week? Can you see how this may seem creative to someone else?

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