Why you need to notice the little things to be creative

Some people are lucky:

  • They find the penny (or even a bill) on the street.
  • They bump into the right people at the right moment.
  • Good things just happen to them all the time.
  • They are seated next to Carl Lewis on the plane (yes yes, I know someone).
  • They get to do the coolest things they love to do.
  • They keep coming up with the best ideas.

Why is that you think? Luck?
And then why don’t these things happen to me?

Well, let me ask you a question: Do you notice every ‘little thing’?

No, of course not. How can you? You only have one brain. You have a job, kids, stuff to handle, groceries to buy, appointments to get to, emails to respond to while walking down the street to catch the bus.
No time to notice EVERY little thing.

No, of course not. But do you notice ANY little thing?

Is your mind open to luck, to simple things, to stuff that has nothing to do with what your mind is on about right now?

I have just spent two days in Rome and I have noticed the following little things:

  • Otto is eight in Italian and also the name of a guy. It can be written in a very creative, designy way.
  • There is art on pavements (not only in Rome)
  • Italian cab drivers have a nice little plaque with their name inside the cab.
  • There was no room service in my hotel (ok, maybe not such a small thing after all)
  • The contents of my minibar were included in my room charge (too bad they forgot to tell me this beforehand…)
  • They have huge, tall, heavy, wooden, decorated doors. I wonder who makes those.
  • Hardly anyone wears heals (too many cobble stoned streets).
  • Most Italian scooters are no longer of Italian brands.
  • etc etc etc

Now, I admit this is nothing that makes me rich or famous.
But all these little ideas will sit in my head and I just know they will meet some other information there that can be useful.
Or the little things are waiting (simmering, incubating) until I notice some other little thing so that they can mate and create a wonderful little idea.

What are the little things you are noticing this week?

And if you’re completely out of practice, I suggest you go for a walk with a toddler of 3 or 4. They do notice EVERY little thing.

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2 Responses to Why you need to notice the little things to be creative

  1. Siddeequah says:

    I applied this to myself and i must say i agree! i never notice anything "important" about people or whats going on around me at times, so they say. i think im aloof! i always seem to find things without needing them at the time. i just came across a qoute i like to use all the time now "you find things when you dont look for them" I apply this to everything, my keys, love, money, etc

  2. Mindful Mimi says:

    Hello Siddeequah,
    Aloof is good when you need to be creative. It's this semi-conscious state one is in where seemingly unconnectable things suddenly make sense together. Aloof is good! :-)
    I like your quote and I would even add 'You find things when you need to find them.'
    Keep on 'not looking' :-)


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