What are the barriers to creativity?

Here is a list of  items I would like you to categorize.

Please tick all those which you think are BARRIERS to creativity (i.e. which stop you from being creative).

◻ SerendipityBarriers to creativity
◻ Uncertainty
◻ Patience
◻ Judging
◻ Boredom
◻ Results based
◻ Stress
◻ Extrinsic rewards
◻ Ego
◻ Self esteem
◻ Intrinsic rewards
◻ Facts
◻ Words
◻ Judging
◻ Failure
◻ Brainstorming
◻ Fear
◻ Your boss
◻ Procrastination
◻ A walk in the park

The answer will be posted tomorrow :-)

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