What are you scared shitless of?

Here is an inspiring talk by Merlin Mann about being scared shitless.

In my life and especially recently I have been scared shitless:

  • that I wouldn’t find love.
  • of childbirth
  • of raising my kids right
  • of something happening to my kids and loved ones
  • of not doing enough in this life
  • when I moved to Paris when I was only 19
  • of other people’s opinion
  • of presenting my idea to a management committee
  • of my parents getting older
  • of running out of money
  • of all sorts of natural catastrophes happening in this world
  • of being a little claustrophobic
  • of being the only person left in the Universe (I was 10 I think, and couldn’t even get my brain around the thought, but it was scary!)
  • of getting my ideas and projects out there
  • dying in a planecrash

Fear is one of the biggest blocks in creativity. When we are scared we are usually not very motivated or productive. We procrastinate a lot.

The trick is to keep moving, to create anyway, to Just Do It.

So I thought I’d put the question out to you so that you could make me feel a little better :-)


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