When the shit hits the fan can we still be creative?

Shit happens to us all, all the time. Big shit, small shit. Good shit, bad shit.

Because good things can be considered shit when they come in a moment of change and upheaval. We have such a big pile of shit that anything just lands in it and becomes part of it.

So I have been a bit lost lately when it comes to creativity and blog writing.

And I was wondering: does creativity get lost, when we get lost?

Usually, getting lost in something is very beneficial for creativity: when we observe something closely for example, or when we loose ourselves in daydreaming. It is part of the incubation process of creativity.

But when we are lost because of major changes in our lives (loosing our job, a loved one, etc) another form of ‘being lost’ takes over. We loose our compass and turn around in circles. We focus on our fear, we fight what is, we judge, we’re under stress – all of which are barriers to creativity.

And so we do not have an open mind. We don’t listen. We don’t look. We are definitely not creative. All our energy is concentrated on fighting. Fighting the change. Fighting the corporate world or your boss. Fighting your loved one or whomever took him/her.

There seems to be no energy left for anything else.

But in such situations, we at some point come to think the unthinkable. That there might be another job after this one. That there may be a respectful way out of this mess. That there might be another (better) solution.

A lot of great things were created during or because of shitty times:

  • The Tour de France was created to sell more newspapers of l’Equipe in France.
  • Parliaments were created because the barons took up arms against their king.

Change is very hard. But besides the big black hole, it can bring a lot of new insight, ideas, knowledge, wisdom. About yourself, the people around you, the situation. It definitely takes you out of your comfort zone. And that is HARD!

But when you’re out of your comfort zone, you can decide which direction to go. And often enough none of them is familiar. And you have no idea which is the right one.

But during upheaval, when you’re swimming through the big mud puddle in your head, there are moments of high lucidity. When you know it’s going to be alright. When you all of a sudden have an idea, or see a path brighter than another.

Hang on to those! And try to make something of those moments. Try to get calm in all this mess and listen to them, and yourself.

Phew! One of my lucid moments gave you this post today.

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3 Responses to When the shit hits the fan can we still be creative?

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  2. Mrs J says:

    Your shit rocks, girl! You made me laugh and then blush for laughing. Humour also sometimes gets lost during hard times, but like creative ideas the best laughs can come at the moment you least expect them. Hang in there girlfriend!

  3. Mindful Mimi says:

    Mrs J, I am so glad I made you laugh! And I’m not hanging in there but swinging! :-) Hope you’re having a great time on holidays and I can’t wait to see you again soon for a new you! hah! :


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