Creative likes list

Today I just have a creative list of the things I like at the moment.

  1. My Year with Eleanor by Noelle Hancock.
    Because it’s funny, it talks to my own fears and makes me think about what to do with them (more on that later). It makes me see the comfort zone I live in and makes me want to escape, just a little.

  2. Speaking about FEAR. I like this true and creative video message:

  3. Dresses.
    I used to wear them on special occasions. I don’t know why I kept them only for that. Now I wear them all the time. It’s a shame to leave them in my wardrobe. Plus, every day is a special occasion.

  4. Autumn.
    It’s full of colors and smells and beautiful sunsets. Taking a walk through the woods and kicking up the leaves is very satisfying and fun.

  5. Jogging.
    Because it keeps me in shape, it empties my head, it gives me peace and quiet, it gives me new ideas, it makes me breathe in lots of fresh air.

  6. Coaching.
    It is amazing how much energy one hour of coaching can give me! My coach keeps me on track, asks the hard questions, prompts ideas, makes me accountable, sets my pace.
    I think every woman should get a coach!
  7. Sharon Ann Lee’s talk on the topic of the growing trend called (DYO) Design Your Own Success. She wonderfully explains how important it is to say no and to smartly allocate our time and energy.

  8. Recyclart.
    Because it recuperates all sorts of things and turns it into new things. And some of the newly created things turn out prettier than the old things. Now that’s creative and inspiring.

  9. RSS Feeds.
    Because they allow me to have all my favorite blogs in one place to read on my Google Reader. Saves time!
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  10. The Secret movie.
    Because it reminds me of visualising my goals and asking what I want.

  11. Our cleaning lady.
    Because her fetish is a clean house. She is a gem. And every Monday our house is spic and span. And she even baked an apple cake for us!

  12. Freshly made bed.
    The cleaning lady cleaned and ironed, she also made up our beds. I love fresh bedlinen. Makes me sleep a hundred time better and have sweet dreams.
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