12 simple ways to fight routine at work

  1. Say YES to everything for a day (or an hour). Follow through with your commitments.
  2. Go for a run during your lunch break. Change of scenery and exercise will sure get you out of a rut.
  3. Volunteer to help someone with a project/problem (even if you’re not the expert and it’s totally not your obligation or job).
  4. Make a list of possible improvements of the work or your team. Brainstorm with them and select at least one idea to implement.
  5. Don’t write ANY emails. Call people instead.
  6. Find a new fancy sentence to say when you pick up the phone. “Angel (insert name) to the rescue for all your IT problems!” sounds much better than a disgruntled “Helpdesk!”.
  7. Organise a team picnic in the woods (or park). Discuss a very delicate topic or complicated problem during that lunch. The different location will do wonders.
  8. Commit to having every meeting in a different location. Meeting rooms are not allowed. Canteen, coffee corner, Starbucks down the road, the men’s room, the parking lot… Change of location sparks creativity and meetings will be much shorter, believe me.
  9. For your next meeting, ask people to prepare their topic on ONE slide only and in 2 minutes. Get a timer out. It will be pressure. And fun!
  10. Go for lunch with a different person every day of the week (instead of with the usual suspects).
  11. Put up a blog or forum for your team. Post something interesting every week.
  12. Buy some wall stickers and redecorate your office. Have a vote for most creative office.
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