6 simple tools towards effortless social media

I have this blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter and Pinterest account, I am on Linkedin and I write a regular Newsletter (for which you can sign up here).

I often get the question ‘Do you have time to maintain all those?’
Then ‘Does it bring you anything?’
I also often get the question ‘Do you think I need a Facebook page?’

The answer to all three is YES!

  1. It’s easy and automatic.
  2. It brings me followers, readers and hence potential ‘clients’.
  3. It is an effortless way to communicate with the world.

Here are my tools to stressless social media:

  1. Easy setup:
    Most social media is now dummy proof. You don’t need to know coding or be a nerd to set up your pages and profiles. So there really is no excuse.
    If you really are scared of it all, you can read Kirsten’s blog and even hire her to do it for you.
  2. Automation:
    I really do not sit in front of my computer all the time to update and post things. Really! I have scheduled times where I write posts, search for links to share and schedule my tweets. And that’s the secret word here: schedule. It’s all about having a system. And systems save time.
    I use Sendible, a social media management tool which lets me schedule things in advance, decide where I want to post what. Similar tools are Tweetdeck and Hootsuite.
  3. Interlinked:
    When I write a post on my blog, it will automatically spread across to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. That’s what Networkedblogs does for you. So no need to worry about copy pasting your post to your other social media. It’s all interlinked.
  4. Content:
    Crap in = crap out. Content is king. So you need to make sure you get the right content, stay on top of things in your niche so that your readers will stay with you. The easiest way for me is through Google Reader. It lets me subscribe to blogs and newsfeeds I like. When you are looking for interesting links, or need inspiration for a post, you can easily scan through your list of preferred material and off you go!
  5. Connect:
    The best way to get readers and followers is of course to connect with others yourself. Follow blogs that you like, post comments on posts that speak to you, follow people you like on Twitter and Facebook. Chances are high that people will want to check you out and ‘like’ you back.
  6. Newsletters:
    I thought long and hard about this one. Because on top of all of the above it’s a different kind of ballgame to write a weekly newsletter. But it is your most important link to your community. It’s ‘special content’, a VIP connection.
    I use Mailchimp. It’s free, easy to use, has nice templates you can adapt, and is interlinked with most forms of other social media.

Here is proof of my social media success:

The other day, my coach got an email from a person in the US who had been reading my blog or Facebook page and wanted to get in touch with her because I had so highly recommended her. Globalization is just around the corner of your social media!

If you have any other tips or questions, just shoot them off in the comments below! Who knows who might read them and connect with you :-)

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