What a hike through the woods can teach us about life

The other day I went for a hike through the woods behind my house. I am lucky to live in a spectacular place that has a great variety of landscapes. Especially the rock and cliff formations are stunning.

Below are some messages from that hike which are applicable to every day life.

  • Don’t hide your scars – they are pretty.

  • You have to leave the trail from time to time to find something beautiful.

  • When you come across a bench, take a rest.

  • There is art everywhere.

  •  Stand still for a while and listen to the wind.

  • It’s good to follow the signs.

  •  Often enough, the Universe will provide a bridge.
  •  Sometimes you have to cut your way through yourself.
  • The sun will always come out again.
  • There is fun and thoughtfulness everywhere :-)
  • You gotta squeeze through the tight spots.
  • And climb some stairs.
  • So wear sturdy shoes.
  • And don’t forget to smell the flowers.


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